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About the Colyton Chamber of Feoffees

Colyton landowner Henry Courtenay was beheaded by Henry VIII and his lands were confiscated. Local merchants and yeomen raised 1,000 marks and bargained with the King for the return of the part of the estate which was located in Colyton. At the time, the annual income of a successful merchant was about 25 marks.


In 1546 the properties were restored to the town under a Deed of Feoffment on condition that an assembly of Feoffees ensured that all the income from the properties was spent on "good and commendable" uses for the community. 

The Chamber of Feoffees is a registered charity.


The members of the Chamber of Feoffees in the year 2021


Mr Andrew Parr (Chairman)
Mr John Mills (Deputy Chairman)
Dr Mick Askew
Mr Colin Chesterton
Mr Geoff Clode (Treasurer)
Mr Bob Collier
Mr Tony Hibberd
Mr Julian Hurford
Mr Bernard Love
Mr Jeremy Mears
Mr Colin Pady
Mr Phil Richards
Mr Jonathan Sweetland
Mr Verdun Trott
Mr Rodney Turner
Mr Tony Underdown
Miss Sarah Charman (Bailiff)


The original grammar school building, now a private house.

The old grammar shool building, is now a private house


The Colyton Chamber of Feoffees established the first Colyton Grammar school in 1559. Later, the Chamber of Feoffees was responsible for channelling fresh water into the town and for creating the original Colyton fire service.


For more on the history of the Feoffees, try the following websites:



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